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11-Nov-2017 02:38

But, like every relationship, they have their moments... And then I get offended," he told Nova's winner (remember, waaay back in 2003?), went on to share some pretty sage relationship advice.The former Neighbours star, pictured at The Voice Australia event in June, has dated a string of men including Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis, Westlife's Brian Mc Fadden and Nick Jonas Later the singer appeared to backtrack on his earlier admission, tweeting: 'What????! Bahaha nope no fling, we hung out a few times while I was very much single.

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[on Bill Cosby's sexual assault allegations] While I certainly don't condone what Bill has been accused of, I feel those universities were vindictive in taking back his honorary doctorate; I believe, despite everything, he's actually earned that - if not before, then definitely since.During an appearance on "I was not a gentleman," the singer continued. It took her breaking up with me for me to realise I was being a douche."The duo, who began dating as teenagers in 1999 (!!) before tying the knot in 2008, managed to reconcile after a few weeks.Though this was a brutal move, Guy confessed that it was exactly what he needed.

The two have even undergone an intense fitness regime for the past two months, in a bid to up their health and get ripped.

'He's looking amazing, I'm so proud of him.'Jules also explained that she joined Guy on his fitness journey, with the pair working together for two months to get in shape.'We decided to do it together,' Jules said.